Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yet Another Dog Blog?!

Yep. We love our dogs, don't we? I have other blogs up and running and hadn't planned on a dog blog until this evening. My older schnauzer, Lincoln, decided to eat his dinner a little differently. (If you eat the same food day in, day out, I suppose eventually you figure out a way to add some zing to the process.) Take a look at the picture.

Lincoln is a funny eater as it is. He loves to stick his snout in his dish and stir up the kibbles, flipping them out of the container into piles on the floor. (The piles remind me of The Blair Witch Project. But not in a creepy way.) I was in my home office and I could hear him moving kibble. When I popped in, he had tipped the dish sideways and plopped a toy on top. I'd say the toy was his garnish, wouldn't you? Chef Lincoln. Who knew?!

Bon appetit!